About Us

Liquid Customs

Liquid Customs is a water transfer graphics company that transforms your average items into personalized commodities. Using water-soluble prints, we’ll upgrade your automotive parts and accessories, power tools, recreational gear, home furnishings and more.

Our graphic selection, advanced processes, and fine detailing allow us to customize almost any three dimensional object, including metals, fiberglass, plastic, ceramic and woods. Turn average into extraordinary with print selections that include (but are not limited to) carbon fiber, wood grains and camouflages!

How does it work?

If an object can be put into water briefly, it can be dipped! Each item is cleaned and prepped carefully before it is primed, dipped into a film pattern of choice and cured. The item is then refined with a glossy, matte or flat finish that is durable enough to withstand years of enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the products that are used in water print transfer are the same as those utilized in the automotive industry such as the primer, paint and clear coats. This in turn giving the parts the protection they need from the weather, sun(fading) or the constant use in the great outdoors. Water Transfer printing is used to put a long lasting pattern and coating on your parts so you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.
Yes, patterns can be change multiple times if needed.
This ranges from metals, woods, fiberglass, ceramics, glass, plastics, pretty much whatever the imagination can think of.
The price varies from one item to the next. This is directly affected by the size, preparation time and complexity of the part that is having the graphic applied to it.
Yes, this can be done with the majority of the patterns offered. There are some camouflage patterns that have a set base coat set by the manufacturer that needs to be used.
Yes, all parts or items that are to have graphics applied to them need to be completely disassembled and cleaned. When shipping the parts/items please ensure that they are sent in a secure package and has ample amount of packing paper/bubble wrap etc., to insure that all parts and items have the least amount of risk of damage during the shipping process. Liquid Customs is not responsible for lost or damaged items during shipping.