Abstract Expert Bundle

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Abstract Expert Bundle *$50 in Savings!*

Dipping made simple.
Are expert bundle is the ultimate savings package, It gives you plenty of film and a choice of colors to play with. With this Bundle you will have dipping figured out in no time!

We retail quality products that deliver exceptional results. Give it a shot, you will be very pleased!

Abstract Advanced DIY Kit Includes:
     1: (3) 2m 100cm/50cm wide films of our TOP Abstract sellers (6m total)
     2: (2) Aerosol Cans of Primer (Grey)
     3: (2) Aerosol Cans of Base (White)&(Red)
     4: (2) Aerosol Cans of Top Coat (Gloss) & (Matte)
     5: (1) Quart of Liquivator (This will dip approx. 20m of film)
     6: (4) 2 Pairs of Black Nitrile (M) Dipping Gloves
     7: (2) Scuff Pads 6x9 Red
     8: (1) 3/4" Border Tape
     9: (2) Wonder Rag Cloth 
   10: (1) Respirator Mask (Due to Covid-19, Supplies on these are very limited, a partial refund may be returned.)

*Note, Liquivator is sold by the quart, a small compressor with a gravity fed gun is required for a consistent and smooth spray for best results. However, many clients have great success using a spray bottle.

For additions or substitutions to the order, please give us a call/email before placing the order. (prices may vary with each change)
*Need more paint, clear coat or other supplies not listed in our store? Give us a email or call, we would be happy to put your order together for you!

Service@Liquidcustoms.ca / 587.982.0402

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